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Ellesoie Crystal Gel

Ellesoie Crystal Gel
So, this is my first time to write a review about this product named Ellesoie Crystal Gel. 
The whole thing written on the container is in Japanese so, i can't read it hahah! i just find some other pages that its Description is written in English.

At first i am hesitant to use it because aside from it's written in Japanese and i don't understand it, of course i don't have an idea about its ingredients/component but, i just think that it's a product of Japan and i strongly believe that Japan cosmetics are almost perfect so, i tried it. :D

So, here's the brief description...


The Ellesoie Crystal Peeling Gel Is a long-selling product released in 2006.
Water-soluble gel 
Envelops and Cleanses the impurities that you couldn't removed by simply washing and exfoliating.
Nonabrasive gel
No added colorings or mineral oil
Combination of micro collagen and micro hyaluronic acid
continuously fortifies your skin’s moisture.


Cross polymer
hydrolyzed collagen
hyaluronic acid Na
chamomile extract
hawthorn extract
jujube fruit extract
grapefruit fruit extract
apple extract
stearimmonium chloride
(acrylate, alkyl acrylate (C10-30)
Fruit juice, lemon juice, lime fruit juice
BG, sodium chloride, ethanol, phenoxyethanol

This is what the Ellesoie Crystal Gel Looks like inside. It's like a natural, typical gel. It is odorless.

When i first used it, after washing my face with a cleanser, i put an ample amount of this Crystal Gel all over my face. While rubbing it on my entire face, i noticed some peeling-like thing going through with my fingers. it is like a dried glue on my skin and it feels like lifting my face. Oh my gosh, it's like i'm having a DIY Face lift! Lol. the Gel that dried on my face peels while i'm rubbing my face. i think, those are the dead skin cells on my face that cannot be remove by a face cleanser alone.

After putting and rubbing the Crystal Gel on my face, i can feel my face becomes smooth like a baby skin and looks fresher than before. 

As you can see, if you notice my face became slightly reddish maybe because of my rubbing procedure hahaha! but i noticed that some of black spots over my face lessen.

so, because of this, i am giving the product an 8 out of 10 stars.

maybe when i used it daily for 1 month, my face will be more clearer, fairer, fresher and smoother than this first try.

too bad, i only have a sample of the product so i cannot use it for a month. maybe just for a week only!

woohoho.. pls. give me more. Cosmeria!!

If you want to give it a try, you can purchase this product on here:

Yes to:
  • Facelifting feeling
  • smoothness of skin after using it
  • deep cleansing action
  • odorless (coz i'm really allergic in alcohol based cosmetics)
No to:
  • Sticky feeling
  • the glue-like peeling (it feels like a real glue sticking on my face)
  • the pure japanese description written on the container)

This my face Before and After putting the Ellesoie Crystal Gel 

(No filter, No make-up, No effects)

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Ellesoie Crystal Gel

Ellesoie Crystal Gel So, this is my first time to write a review about this product named  Ellesoie Crystal Gel.  The whole thing writt...